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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Republican Party Needs A Sane National Chairman

It is painfully obvious that the Republican National Committee has at its helm someone who is mentally unbalanced and needs to be replaced at the earliest opportunity.

One can forgive a few early missteps, but Michael Steele has become the most bizarre and unstable Republican personality since Martha Mitchell. When he made outrageous and damaging remarks about Rush Limbaugh, we attributed the comments to a misguided need to be liked by the media, in whose spotlight he found himself. He promptly apologized and, one hoped, some lessons were learned. Now he has reversed his apology and attributes his behavior to a calculated chess move intended to sort out friends and enemies.

Many had been led to believe that he was committed to the pro-life cause; but that position, on the central moral issue of our day, seems to have been discarded. Perhaps it was yet another Machiavellian manipulation in the truly weird and twisted mind of the psychopath now running the Republican Party.

Yesterday, Steele told a Republican audience in Maryland that they need to emulate him and be “unconventional, unpredictable…to do from time to time the unexpected." What is expected of the Republican National Chairman is that he be a party builder, raise funds, recruit quality candidates, improve the state and national party machinery, and most urgently, fix state rules governing the party nominating process. Instead, Mr. Steele has been broaching the possibility of his own candidacy for President, dividing the party, alienating the base, and creating the impression that the Republican Party is even more disoriented and disorganized than it already is.

We believe Michael Steele is, as he says, "unpredictable." It is the unpredictability of someone who is completely unhinged. Before any further damage is done, the Party needs to put an end to this pscho-drama and find a sane and able professional for the urgent task of rebuilding the Republican Party.

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Anonymous said...

We can all now clearly now see that Katon Dawson would have been the best person for the position of National Chairman. Further I think we can all agree that Katon would not have put his personal or his political agenda ahead of what is best for our GOP.