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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

And the Sodomite Troll Is...?

The TimesOnline reports today that the British High Court has ruled that "thousands of bloggers who operate behind the cloak of anonymity have no right to keep their identities secret."

We can't wait for such a ruling or legislation in this country. We wonder if the sodomite trolls of the South Carolina blogosphere would have quite so much to say about all the rest of us if they were forced to disclose their real names. It is hard for some not to look at what they write, just as it is hard for some not to look at train wrecks or collisions by the side of the road. One in particular is a living witness to how spiritually and mentally damaging his disordered lifestyle can be. But given that these bottom feeders purport to have such "pride" in their chosen lifestyle, why are they too ashamed to associate their real names with their daily spew of hate?

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