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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Charges Dropped Against Notre Dame Protestors

The NBC News affiliate in South Bend, Indiana reports today that after two years, "charges have been dropped against the 94 people arrested for trespassing on the University of Notre Dame's campus while protesting President Obama's May 2009 commencement speech.

The local prosecutor dropped charges after that once-proud university finally "decided not to continue pressing charges."

It has been a shameful, scandalous blot on Notre Dame's reputation that they would honor Barack Hussein Obama, and even more scandalous that they would persecute those standing up for Catholic teaching on the sanctity of life.  The failure of the Notre Dame Board of Trustees to apologize to American Catholics and to replace its President, Father John Jenkins,  ends any doubt that the University of Notre Dame is Catholic in name only.  For those seeking authentic, quality, Catholic higher education, there are far, far better alternatives.

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