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Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Fifth Sunday of Easter

Choir of King's College, Cambridge - 'This Joyful Eastertide'

The Palestrina  Choir (Ireland) - 'Regina Caeli' 

1 - 'Regina Caeli', Gregorian
2 - 'Regina Caeli', Aichinger

Founded in the 1890's by Dr. Vincent O'Brien, then a music teacher at St. Mary's Place Christian Brothers School in Dublin, and under the patronage of Edward Martyn, an associate of W.B. Yeats in the Irish Literary Theater, later to become the Abbey Theater, the Palestrina Choir provides liturgical music for St. Mary's Pro-Cathedral in Dublin.  Many famous soloists, including the legendary John McCormack, were first trained as choristers in the Palestrina Choir.

The choir has given concerts throughout Ireland and abroad and has featured regularly on radio and television.

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