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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bank of America to Rick Perry: "We'll Help You Out"

Here's Bank of America lobbyist James Mahoney promising Rick Perry that America's largest bank will help him out.  Mr. Mahoney is a former secretary of the Boston Fed, was a district director for former Democratic Congressman Joseph Kennedy, volunteered for Democratic California Governor Jerry Brown’s 1980 presidential campaign, and assisted the Brown administration in California.  You might ask why a lobbyist for Bank of America, with that kind of political history, would want to help Rick Perry out.  And isn't Bank of America the beneficiary of a massive transfer from the American taxpayers known as "bailout" and "stimulus?"

This explains why establishment Republicans here in South Carolina and across the nation, like rats to a feedbag, are scurrying to the Perry candidacy.  It surely isn't because Perry offers any hope to the former occupants of 20% of the homes in Florida that stand empty, or the unemployed 10% of South Carolina's population, or those facing a staggering tax load and rising consumer price index in the Northeast.  No, he won't be looking out for middle America, Tea Party Patriots, and small businesses suffering under Obamunism.  As in Texas, he will be looking out for the special interests that look out for him.  And it makes little difference to Bank of America whether they are protected by a Barack Obama or Al Gore's former Texas State Chairman, Rick Perry.  As long as establishment politicians are looking out for the establishment, Bank of America will do just fine.  But what of the American taxpayers?  

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