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Friday, December 16, 2011

Haley and Romney - Desperate Soul-Mates Find One Another

Nikki Haley's mask of reform, accountability and transparency has given way to her real purpose in government --  cash, perks and power.  So her endorsement of the ultimate RINO, Mitt Romney, does nothing for him and only reinforces the conviction that she must be a one term governor -- if she manages to make it that long.  

South Carolinians know that the only thing transparent about this administration is the Governor's own lack of character and commitment to authentic conservative government.  With only 34.6 percent approval in South Carolina, Nikki Haley must be hoping a Romney administration will rescue her from an aware and aroused electorate.  But that electorate, spearheaded by the Tea Party movement, sees these two soul-mates for what they are -- the sort of hollow RINOs who have brought America to the brink of disaster.  As another RINO Governor used to say, these two are "perfect together." Fortunately, their day is over.

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