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Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Video Exposes Christian Genocide

Stating that "the Muslim persecution of Christians has reached Genocidal proportions," the Freedom Center has produced a shocking flash video about the "millions of Christians being put to death for the sole reason that they are Christian." (Viewer discretion is advised-very disturbing images.) The video can be seen here.

The Center is raising funds so that The Muslim Persecution of Christians can be used to spread the truth and expose the nature of Islam and the threat it poses to all peoples of the world and in this case specifically, the plight of the Christians. The once vibrant Christian communities of the Middle and North Africa are disappearing before our eyes.

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Heidi said...

Thank you, Dan and special thanks to Mr. Horowitz for bringing to light what the international community, human rights groups and the media are too timid to address.


***Memo to the World-Wide Muslim Community***

>We are not your enemy<

The public's opinion is the only place to begin this campaign, but it must begin immediately.

It must be worked at diligently, compassionately, tirelessly, honestly, but directly.

!!!Rationally and without heated emotions!!!

[I am obviously not equipped...]