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Thursday, June 25, 2009

An Infinitely Better Plan and Future Available to Governor Sanford

We have nothing to add to the many words of disappointment and regret expressed by so many South Carolinians who have admired the principled service of Governor Mark Sanford. We had high hopes for his future. Much is being heard from partisans who have forgotten the likes of Bill Clinton, John Edwards, and Governor Eliot Spitzer. But people of faith are not surprised that good men succumb to their fallen nature. Indeed, those who strive most valiantly to live in accord with God's laws usually face the greatest challenges and temptations from the enemy. But we also believe that God's forgiveness is readily and abundantly available to those who seek it. God's ineffable mercy allows one to climb from the deepest pit to a new life, forgiven, cleansed, and whole.

The Governor's press conference was a striking contrast to the carefully staged press conferences that have been held by other public officials in similar circumstances. There was no spin, no justification, just a man who stood and bared something rare in public life -- a profound sorrow, regret and humiliation for hurting his family, friends and supporters. Most of all, he seemed profoundly sorrowful for falling short of his own core convictions.

The Old Testament story of Joseph and his brothers illustrates that God often permits evil and adversity to enter our lives, that the evil we devise may become the good that God bestows. Were we sinless, we would have no need of a Savior. The future awaiting our good but flawed Governor may not be the future Mark Sanford dreamed of, but it can be infinitely greater if he yields to the plan that God has for his life and that of his family. For that far greater good and future, people of faith will stand by our Governor and pray for him and for his family.


Anonymous said...

We must approach this tragedy with two questions:

1. What is best for the Sanford family?

In my opinion it is reconciliation.... if possible. To accomplish that, Mark should quit his job and move close to his family to begin that very hard task.

2. What is best for the citizens of SC?

In my opinion... it is to ask for his resignation. This notion of separating one's character from his job is flawed! Clinton sold that bag of manure to America and somehow, many of us bought it. When a member of the GOP displays the same lack of character, are to give him a pass?! That makes us NO better than the Madeline Albrights of the world who made excuses for all Clinton's infidelities!

We are a nation built on moral principles and we must act consistently under time honored, wisdom of the ages. Our Governor has chosen, of his own will, to reject his responsibilities to his wife and family, as well as his state, with his actions.

He no longer has the moral authority to lead; therefore it is in the best interest of our state that he resign. We must be consistent in our principles here for principle knows no party affiliation. Either a leader has moral authority to lead or lacks the personal integrity which his office demands.

This is the same conclusion one should reach if they were close personal friends of the Sanfords.

We should all grieve for them, as well as our state, over this very serious event and pray for our first family. At the same time we should demand, in our elected officials a high standard of behavior that is befitting to the office we as a party are privileged to hold.

Only when men of integrity hold our elected offices will our nation be restored. While it is true that the Governor has apologized for his indiscretions, he has also breached the public trust. As the party which holds a higher moral standard, we are duly bound to respectfully ask for his resignation not only for the sake of our ability as a party to lead but also to remain true to the founding principles that made us a great nation.

I lament that this has occurred but we must put principle, and our founding values, over people. Please pray for the Sanford family. May God grant true repentance to the Governor and restoration to his family.

Our belief in the moral principles that made this nation great cry out for the call for resignation in this situation as it would if a Democrat were in office

Mab said...

Amen, Dan.

As Governor Sanford himself is fond of reminding us, there is nothing new under the sun. This is one of those things that is certainly no new thing.

Our God is a God of restoration -- and we will continue to pray for the reconciliation that is so needed right now in the Sanford family.