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Friday, August 28, 2009

Senator Kennedy's Letter of Treason to Yuri Andropov

Were his name Edward Moore, he would not have been elected to the Senate. Had anyone else left a dying woman at the scene of an accident, he would have served prison time. Had a Russian betrayed his country in the way described below, he would have been shot.

From Canada Free Press
By William R. Mann

Backgound: In the early 80s, I was assigned in Berlin when Reagan was forcing the hand of the USSR to deal with our resoluteness in NATO and the deployment of Cruise and Pershing missiles in the forward area.

Calling the Soviet bluff and bluster, Reagan, Thatcher, and Pope John Paul II acted in concert and strength to uphold Solidarity and to force the Soviets hand to either engage in a new arms race or negotiate for real reductions in nukes.

I saw, first hand, these events unfolding during my posting as a “Foreign Area Officer” from 1982-85. As a young Major at that time, my job entailed reporting on cultural, political, and certain intelligence information in Berlin and Germany [East and West].

The European disarmament movement, as we suspected back then, was funded by the USSR, other world communist and socialist organizations and many well-meaning, but duped “Liberal” citizens in the USA.

Ted Kennedy and his Liberal Brethren were engaged in the larger, anti-American, Soviet-orchestrated world disarmament and peace movement. They viewed our support of NATO in facing down a menacing Soviet build-up Eastern Europe as a provocative move. To be generous toward their motives, I will only say that history has shown that they were fools at best. Reagan correctly saw the Soviets as a hollow system on the verge of collapse.

This authenticated letter [link], uncovered when the KGB files were opened after the fall of the Soviet Union expose Kennedy’s duplicity in dealing with the Soviets behind the scenes and without permission of the USG. The POTUS alone is charged with negotiating with foreign nations per the USC.

This letter was first uncovered by the London times. The blog entry is from 2006.

So when the Left and the Left Media idolize this man, let us remember this narcissistic deed as well as his savage treatment of Clarence Thomas, Robert Bork, Mary Jo Kopechne, and the millions of aborted babies who died during this man’s 36 year legacy of supporting abortion.

His salvation is up to God. Say a prayer for mercy, but remember.

BTW: These same KGB files showed that the Liberal-darling liar and spy Alger Hiss was among many others, including a US Congressman, who were, indeed, communists working for the USSR.

So read the posting and pay attention to the way things work in the espionage business, then and now. Pay attention to the lessons of history and beware those who still wish to ignore the facts. Things are not always what they seem, and people are not always who/what they profess to be.

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