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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Churchill's Parrot: "High Marx for Mr. Obama"

Our friends at Churchill's Parrot are champions of the "Churchillian Spirit" and embody the great man's wit and insight. We think the following post is a particularly apt summary of America's current regime.

- President Barack Obama, October 31, 2008


In his recent tête-à-tête with Oprah Winfrey (the original BIG O), President Barack Obama awarded himself the grade of B+ for his performance after nearly a year in office. Naturally, those on the Right disagree and award Barry an F. Somewhat surprisingly, those to the Left are not much more generous in their assessment.

We submit, however, that would-be graders, both right and left, are applying the wrong standard in grading Mr. Obama. This is understandable. For 220 years, presidents of The United States have performed, more or less, according to a common motivation: to win re-election and their place in history by leaving the nation more prosperous, powerful, and peaceful than it was when they assumed office. Many have failed in this regard, of course, but this was due to incompetence. Certainly were Barack Obama performing according to this same motivation he should be given a grade of F. The country is far less prosperous, increasingly less powerful, and in danger of becoming much less peaceful at this point in his tenure.

But Barack Obama does not share the same motivations as his predecessors and he is not incompetent. He is a radical Marxist who understands well that in order to successfully transform a free market republic he must first facilitate the collapse of its existing socio-economic order. And by this standard, it is our contention, Barry is doing an outstanding job.

He has accelerated the debauchment of American currency; he has committed Her to irrecoverable debt; he has impaired Her free markets with myriad regulation; he has handicapped Her military with impossible rules of engagement; he has befuddled and demoralized Her intelligence gathering operations; he has made Her economy vastly more dependent upon federal whim; and he has signaled to the world that he will not defend Her interest so much as negotiate them away.

Why? Does Barack Obama hate America? No. He possesses, however, a radically different idea of what America is supposed to be. His is the Jeremiah Wright-Bill Ayers-Howard Zinn-Saul Alinsky-Richard Cloward-Frances Fox Piven vision of America: a nation that has grown too rich and too powerful and done so primarily through the exploitation of the disadvantaged and the extortion of the powerless. In the name of justice, therefore, such a polity must be made to pay restitution, to make amends, to be humbled by any means necessary, so that it cannot and will not abuse its fellow nations and citizens of the world ever again.

It is descriptive, not pejorative, to identify this mindset and worldview as Marxist, for indeed Marx’s fundamental assertion was that the so-called free market thrives only through the exploitation of the worker and is thus, at its core, evil. In his mind, therefore, Mr. Obama is doing what is right, just, and necessary in making a shambles of the American socio-economic order. And in this he is doing a right bang-up job! We refer you to the chart illustrated above from a liberal professor of economics at a major Midwestern University.

Americans must understand that this is not incompetence, it is a promise kept: the fundamental transformation of America, Phase One. The sooner the majority realizes this, the more vehemently they will – we continue to hope – actively reject it.

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