Tulips at the Old Parsonage by passionate plantsman Charlie McCormick in the lovely Village of Little Bredy in Dorset.

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Michael Wood's "Story of England: Romans to Normans"

Sunlit Uplands is delighted to present a superb BBC documentary series on the history of England.  Beautifully told by Michael Wood, it is the story of one place through the whole of English history.  That place is the Village of Kibworth, Leicestershire, in the heart of the English countryside. 

We will present all 6 episodes of this series over the next 5 Saturdays.  We think you will find this series very interesting and enjoyable.

1 comment:

kkollwitz said...

Hey thanks for this heads-up. My wife & I enjoyed his Trojan War series years ago & will give this one a look as well.