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Monday, September 12, 2011

Tonight's GOP Presidential Candidates Debate

We may have more to say about tonight's Republican debate in the next day or so, but tonight gave us great hope.  We are now convinced that as America sees more and more of Governor Rick Perry, the fraudulent image-making will give way to sober reality.  Truth is the daughter of time and there is a dawning realization that Perry is not the reincarnation of Ronald Reagan.  He's not even a conservative, just another big government, big spending seeker of power.  Congresswoman Bachmann did a great service in exposing Perry's cozy relationship with Merck Corp and his Gardasil scandal.  That skeleton, perhaps more than any of his others, sums up the corrupt, crony capitalism that has characterized Perry's governorship.   But his weak, inarticulate defense of benefits for illegal aliens and softness on border security will be his undoing.  America can't afford a President who would make George W. Bush look like the bright, articulate President from Texas.

Senator Santorum, Congressmen Bachmann and Paul, Herman Cain and Governor Huntsman are looking stronger than they did before the debate.  We would support any one of them.  Heck, Perry even makes Romney look like a principled leader. 

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