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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Haley Trades South Carolina's Economic Interests for Campaign Contributions

FITSNews has been doing an excellent job chronicling the corruption of the Haley Administration that many of us feared and expected.  Character counts in such offices, and South Carolina had plenty of reason to be wary of Mrs. Haley.  

She has attempted to make the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division her personal militia.  She has given high paying jobs to unqualified friends and supporters.  She has used her security detail as cocktail waiters. She has talked about transparency while omitting from her official schedule a national shakedown tour for campaign contributions. She has deleted E-mails that are state property and, under law, should be preserved and turned over to the South Carolina Department of Archives and History.  She vindictively removed the largest contributor to the University of South Carolina from its Board of Trustees.  And now, according to FITSNews, her "Savannah River sellout" for campaign contributions may result in "a net loss of billions of dollars for the Palmetto State’s economy."

Mrs. Haley says she supports legislation allowing for the recall of state officials, which is good because over 300 South Carolina citizens have already signed an online petition for the recall of Nikki Haley.  It's unfortunate that other officers of our state government, including the Lieutenant Governor, appear to be as ethically and morally compromised as the Governor.  We encourage our readers to send a message that bartering our economic interests for campaign contributions and whoring for dollars from California to New Jersey is not in the tradition of her office and will not be tolerated by the voters of our state.

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