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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Low-Class Grifters Occupy the SC Governor's Mansion

Let's face it, South Carolina, we have a pair of low-class grifters occupying the Governor's Mansion.  They appear to have no scruples whatsoever and need to be watched closely by SLED, state employees, the South Carolina House of Representatives (which has "power of impeachment in cases of serious crimes or serious misconduct in office by officials elected on a statewide basis"), the media and the general public.  The question has become whether their arrogant and outlandish behavior will require the House to act before a disgusted public can clear out this trash themselves. 

Emails reveal Haley's wine cellar plans
Michael Haley
South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley's husband contemplated using taxpayer money to chill wine, some of which was donated by a business that later was given a private reception at the governor's mansion, according to documents reviewed by The Associated Press.

The email exchanges show Haley campaign donors that spent at least $12,043 on her 2010 election were sending first gentleman Michael Haley lists of wine that his company would donate. The wine donations were followed by the reception, where the company's brass rubbed elbows with the governor. Donor Mike Sisk of Ridgeway-based Ben Arnold Co. was appointed in April to the State Ports Authority as a non-voting member, giving him a voice in the state's import and export dealings.

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