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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Des Moines Register Guest Columnist Endoreses Rick Santorum

"Santorum is the unifier our nation needs after Obama's divisiveness."

Iowa Republicans have a special opportunity, and responsibility, to choose the best candidate to represent our party on the national stage. As Iowa’s Republican national committeewoman and one of the leaders in the pro-life movement, I have taken this charge seriously and have worked to learn about each of the candidates running to be our next commander-in-chief.

Just as important as our need to defeat President Obama is our need to return our nation to its founding principles.

Our nation is at a turning point and we need a candidate of action. Rick Santorum has proven to be a man of action and accomplishment. He has never just checked the box on issues, but has led — leading the fight to reform the welfare system, leading the fight to expose the House banking and post office scandals, and leading the fight to end partial birth abortions.

I am proud to endorse Rick Santorum for president. He has always been accessible and personable. He is the type of candidate anyone can get to know and know he cares.

I have had the honor to get to know Rick — and he’s a man of principle and good moral character. He is the real deal and able to restore this fractured country. I find it tragic how Obama has beat a constant drum of hate and has worked hard to divide our nation and push Americans into disliking one another. Obama’s speeches are a list of excuses that eventually lead back to the same theme of Democrats vs. Republicans.

We need a leader that loves America and her people. Rick is able to unify our nation on our best virtues — the foundational principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In his travels across Iowa, Rick has proven to be a candidate who not only believes in those constitutional principles; he is a candidate who has battled and will battle to defend them.

Rick was able to bring people together in a state like Pennsylvania, where there are over one million more Democrat voters than Republicans. Rick has won four elections as a conservative Republican in a blue state, leading the Republican ticket in each election. He was even able to win re-election by 6 percent the same year Al Gore defeated President Bush in Pennsylvania by 5 percent, getting 200,000 more votes than President Bush. That is a testament to Rick’s work ethic, conviction and ability to bring people together based on what makes America great.

We also need someone with experience to lead. In every debate, Rick has shown a breadth of knowledge on every issue — whether it is dealing with the nuclear threat of Iran, the importance of preserving the traditional American family, or revitalizing our nation’s economy. Without stammering or wavering, Rick has outlined a clear plan to lead our nation forward and bring jobs back to America. He will stand tall for American exceptionalism in the world and fight for a better future for our children and grandchildren.

If there could be one critique about Rick it is that he has been too ahead of the curve for his own good. In 2006, he campaigned against the rising threat of a nuclear Iran and was called a Chicken Little, but as we are seeing today, that threat is very real. Over a decade ago, he had the courage to fight for entitlement reform even though he represented the state with the second oldest population. Today, entitlements are bankrupting us. Rick has been right on the issues time and time again.

Americans understand it’s time for a new leader — a unifier to restore and build. It is time for a leader like Rick who has consistently led the fight for conservative principles. That is why I am proud to join him in this fight. Join me on Jan. 3 and caucus for Rick Santorum.

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