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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

From Our Mail: Manhattan Declaration Issues Somber Update on Chuck Colson's Condition

The Manhattan Declaration was born in the heart of Chuck Colson, and you are among the nearly 525,000 persons who have endorsed this statement of conscience over the past two years.  Many of you have been praying fervently for Chuck since his surgery some two weeks ago.  There have been some encouraging signs about Chuck’s condition during these days, but earlier this morning our friend Jim Liske, CEO of Prison Fellowship Ministries, gave the following update to the staff and supporters of Prison Fellowship:
“It is with a heavy, but hopeful heart that I share with you that it appears our friend, brother, and founder will soon be home with the Lord. Chuck’s condition took a decided turn yesterday, and the doctors advised Patty and the family to gather by his bedside.
As you know, Chuck underwent surgery more than two weeks ago to remove a pool of clotted blood on the surface of his brain. And while we had seen some hopeful signs for Chuck’s recovery—including his ability to talk happily with Patty and the kids—it seems that God may be calling him home.”
We will keep you posted on Chuck’s condition.  Please continue to hold him and the entire Colson family in your prayers. 
Chuck’s life, his destiny, and his legacy are in the hands of God. 
Robert P. George
Timothy George

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