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Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Time for Choosing; But Where Is the Choice?

When we listen to Mitt Romney's own words, we are incredulous that Republicans - the overwhelming majority of whom voted against this man in practically every state but his own liberal Massachusetts - are not demanding that GOP leaders and convention delegates draft a genuine conservative Republican as their presidential nominee.

To those who tell us we should get in line, that the alternative is so much worse -- please tell us how that is so.  Is a white Obama calling himself a Republican less of a threat to our Republic than the black version?  Would it not be better to focus on the election of solid conservatives to the Congress who are eager to battle Obama, than have those same Republicans compromised and dispirited because they must carry water for the leader of their party?

Corrupt political machinery is about to present Republicans with the most deservedly unpopular candidate we have had since at least the 1930s.  We don't have to take it or leave it yet.  The TEA Party movement should be in the vanguard of demanding party leaders and delegates draft a presidential nominee who is acceptable to all regions of the country and supported by the broad mainstream of Republican voters.

If the Republican Party perseveres in foisting another "less of the same" choice on voters, it will, indeed, be time to seriously consider the Constitution Party as the far more suitable home for principled, conservative voters who want a radical restoration of the United States Constitution and all that that entails.

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