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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Gary Glenn's Withdrawal from the Michigan Race for US Senate

During the past year and through an exhaustive vetting process, thousands of grassroots Michigan patriots came to recognize in Gary Glenn an extraordinary love of country, sense of history, devotion to duty and abundant gifts of leadership and communication.  Unfortunately, not enough of our fellow citizens take their civic responsibilities as seriously as the dedicated men and women of nearly fifty Michigan TEA Party organizations.  For most Michiganders, like most Americans, political decisions are based on the best, most persuasive and often negative TV ads.  Such a system, unfortunately, favors incumbents and those with significant financial resources.  Thus, despite a zealous network of dedicated volunteers, it was not possible for Gary to combat the TV ads of a longtime establishment political figure and a monied corporate executive.

Nevertheless, those thousands who heard Gary Glenn speak from the heart of his love of country and determination to save it from socialists forcing greater government control over every aspect of our lives, will not soon forget this principled, conservative patriot.  As our national crisis continues and deepens, Americans will look more and more to people like Gary Glenn to restore America to her Constitutional mooring and its safeguards of liberty and justice for all.

We have no doubt that Gary's withdrawal from the Michigan Senate race is a temporary setback for him and for the cause of freedom.  If America is to be saved, God has a great plan for dutiful servants like Gary Glenn.

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