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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Glenn Radio Ad Slams Hoekstra Record On Wall Street Bailout, Spending, Unions

MIDLAND, MI -- Republican U.S. Senate candidate Gary Glenn, who is endorsed by a statewide coalition of over 40 local TEA Party groups, Wednesday will launch a statewide radio buy that touts the TEA Party movement and slams former nine-term Congressman Pete Hoekstra's support for the Wall Street bailout, increased federal debt, and forced unionization of state and local government employees.

"When TEA Party and other conservative Republican primary voters learn about Congressman Hoekstra's big-spending, Big Labor voting record," Glenn said Tuesday, "they'll know he's not the candidate we can trust to hold Debbie Stabenow accountable for her record on those issues."

Glenn said Stabenow, ranked by National Journal as tied for the most liberal ranking in the U.S. Senate -- could even portray herself as more conservative than Hoekstra on at least one high-profile spending vote, the $850 billion Wall Street bailout, the very issue which launched the TEA Party movement in protest in the spring of 2009. Hoekstra voted for the bailout, while Stabenow voted against it.  

"Unthinkable as it is, one of the most liberal senators in America could actually run ads portraying herself as more conservative, more responsible with our tax dollars, than Pete Hoekstra," Glenn said. "If a Democrat is able to outflank a Republican on the right and win votes out of the GOP's own base, that's a sure-fire formula for losing.  Because of his own big-spending, Big Labor record, Pete Hoekstra can't beat Debbie Stabenow."

Glenn's 60-second ad also cricitizes Hoekstra for voting:

* For a $192 billion stimulus spending bill.

* For earmarks such as the $223 million Bridge to Nowhere.

* Five times to raise the debt ceiling, the last time to $11 trillion in 2008.

The ad also criticizes Hoekstra for joining then-Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Debbie Stabenow in cosponsoring HR 980 (2007) which, if passed, would have forced every state and local government in America to unionize its police, fire fighters, and paramedics.

Hoekstra in past campaigns has been endorsed and funded by Jimmy Hoffa, Jr., and the Teamsters union.

Michigan Truth Squad, a group of current and former journalists, vetted the Glenn for Senate news release regarding Hoekstra's vote on the forced unionization bill and issued a "no foul" call -- --  which the Truth Squad defines as meaning the Glenn release was "entirely accurate."

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