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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cardinal Dolan in Charlotte: A Looming Disaster for Democrats

By Phil Lawler

Archbishop Dolan Greets Pope Benedict
Say what you will about the prudence of Cardinal Dolan’s decision to offer a prayer at the Democratic convention. What about the tactical judgment of the Democratic Party leaders who will welcome him?

Jeff Mirus has questioned whether Cardinal Dolan should have made the offer to deliver closing prayers for the Democratic event. As usual, I find myself in agreement with Jeff. But there’s another side to the question: Should the Democrats have accepted his offer?

If I were a partisan Democrat, I would say No: the Democrats should not have invited Cardinal Dolan to Charlotte. Since I am not a partisan Democrat—quite the contrary—I’m delighted that they did. The cardinal’s appearance will hurt, not help, President Obama’s chances for re-election. 

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1 comment:

stanchaz said...

Obama called the bluff of the Republicans (The Party of Wealth) who had "claimed" that the Democratic Convention was scheduling a two hour Muslim service (!) while deliberately
( and no-doubt demonically) excluding the good ole Cardinal. In addition, Obama balanced Dolan with an opposing Catholic voice from Sister Simone Campbell at the Convention. Good move.
Let’s face it: Cardinal Dolan is a Prince of the Church who wants to be King-maker. 
But I’d like to humbly remind the good Cardinal, as he parades under the spotlights
of the political conventions: that there is room for only ONE real super-star in his religion. 
The one who started it!                                                                              
For as the Cardinal addresses and blesses the Republicans and their billionaire buddies,
as he smiles upon those who would destroy Social Security & voucher Medicare to death,
and as he struts on the stage with those who readily admit they “don’t care about the very poor”
......it would be good for the dear Cardinal to remember -and take to heart- 
the words of his boss, who once said “Whatsoever you do for the least of these - you do for me”.
Unless perhaps, ...just perhaps, the Cardinal is working for someone else these days?
Just asking.
Our Founding Fathers wisely realized that politics, secular power, and religion do not mix.
That they bring out the worst in each other, ....that ultimately they would destroy each other, and us.
A pastor.....should stick to his pulpit, not political conventions. Period.