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Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Feast of Our Lady of Czestochowa

On today's wonderful Feast of Our Lady of Czestochowa, I send my love and very best wishes to my Polish brothers and sisters who exemplify what it is to have "a Polish heart." Thank you for your friendship, powerful witness, and for your faithfulness.  May the Queen of Poland be your protection now and always.  Sto Lat!

Brittany Mruczek - Czarna Madonna

On this earth there is a place where every soul wants to return;
For there reigns the Queen of Poland, on her face two cuts are seen.
Sad but gentle as she gazes almost begging one and all
That they ask for Her protection with this call:
Madonna, oh Black Madonna how good to be your child
Oh, hide us dear Black Madonna in your heart so meek and mild.

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