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Monday, September 17, 2012

Lindsey Graham Endorses Hollywood Democrat for Congress

Senators Lindsey Graham and Jim DeMint working at cross-purposes.

While South Carolina's esteemed junior Senator, Jim DeMint, has a national reputation for ensuring more conservatives are elected to the United States Congress; the state's rogue senior Senator has been busy too.  In characteristic fashion, Lindsey Graham, joined by his comrade John McCain, has endorsed Hollywood Democrat Howard Berman for Congress.  

Senator Graham will face, please God, a difficult primary challenge in 2014.  

We hope Senator Graham's Hollywood friends, the national media,  and all those liberals who support his calling his constituents "racists," those who support Graham's proposed amnesty for illegal aliens, the nationalization of US banks, massive new taxes under cap and trade legislation, Graham's proposed fingerprinting and imposition of ID cards for law-abiding Americans, and all those who delighted in Graham providing the key committee vote ensuring the appointment of Marxists to the US Supreme Court, will return the favor and endorse Graham in his primary.  In fact, just for a short time in 2014, y'all should come to South Carolina and let us know just how much Senator Graham means to you. 

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