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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Romney's Latest Gaffe - And THIS, We Were Told, Is the "Electable" One

"This is really a discussion about the political process of winning the election."
Watch the chameleon turn.  Does this look like the leadership, resolve and character that will stand up to China, deadly terrorists and lead America through economic crisis?  The smarmy flip-flopper who criticized Great Britain's readiness to run an Olympics, is proving once again he can't be trusted to run his own mouth.  And this is a planned and prepared news conference to elegantly explain earlier, "not elegantly stated" comments.

 If this is the best the Republican Establishment could do in offering an alternative to an Alinsky communist, they deserve to lose an election that was theirs to lose.


Anonymous said...

Mitt Romney is an ontological, theological, sociological, and political ELITIST who falsely believes he will ride into the American Presidency on a WHITE HORSE to save(53%!of)the nation in some eschatological act of Manifest Destiny!

He may think he's gonna be god of another planet one day, but he's NOT gonna be god of this one!

Anonymous said...

Like holding a pair of eights in a poker game, Romeny is not a good hand. But he sure beeter the busted straight that B. Hussien Obama is for America.

I'm voting for Romney without the slightest apologies even though I know of the man's faulkts & warts probably better than most.

And again, why? Becasue the alternative is absolutely unacceptable.