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Friday, October 19, 2012

Biden and Ryan Represent Different Generations of Catholics

By Elise Ehrhard

The past four years have witnessed a battle between different generations of Catholics in public life—Generation X Catholics have taken a very different path from Baby Boomer Catholics and those born before the boomers.

Generation X Catholics have emerged prominently in the Republican Party. Many who were mentioned this year on Mitt Romney’s vice-presidential short list were Gen X Catholics—Paul Ryan, Bobby Jindal, Kelly Ayotte and Marco Rubio.  They were given prominent spots at the Republican National Convention (Jindal could not attend because of Hurricane Isaac). They continue to elicit excitement as the “future” of the Republican Party and conservatism in general.

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1 comment:

kkollwitz said...

I wonder if any "Catholics" will fill the shoes of the dead and dying Biden-Pelosi-Kennedy cabal?