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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Did Obama Steal The Election?

We know the Obama campaign engaged in massive voter fraud in 2008.

They also sought unsuccessfully to suppress the military vote, which historically votes conservative.

This time, they did both.

Before the election, we heard almost weekly about some shipment of absentee ballots getting lost on the way to our troops in Afghanistan. Or ballots being mailed out too late to be of any use in the election.

There was the odd story of a plane that crashed and “burst into flames” carrying absentee ballots into Afghanistan. Oddly, as soon as the story appeared, it disappeared. Did anyone die in the crash? What kind of plane was it? It seemed like a cover story in order to destroy the ballots.

Team Obama sued Ohio to prevent the military from voting early, a long-standing policy that worked around military training and deployments, because Team Obama said it wasn’t “fair.”

Did Obama steal the election - again?

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