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Monday, November 26, 2012

SC GOP Chairman Giddy Over Lindsey Graham's Reelection Chances

Senator Lindsey Graham (RINO-SC) and SC GOP Chairman Chad Connelly
Chad! Connelly, South Carolina GOP Chairman, has told The Hill newspaper that we South Carolinians are "thrilled and delighted that Sen. Graham has taken such a lead role on Benghazi."  The newspaper reports "Connelly acknowledged Graham had received some criticism in local Republican circles for his previous positions but said that Graham has been a 'shining rock star in foreign policy of late,' an effort that is helping boost his profile among conservatives."

Connelly also told The Hill that Graham's "name is on people's minds and they're talking great about him. If they had a problem with him, I would say it's been greatly reduced," 

As a matter of fact, we find it astonishing that South Carolina's Republican chairman would be boosting our RINO US Senator even before anyone has announced his or her candidacy for the 2014 race.  But what is more astonishing is the reference to Graham's extremely unpopular previous positions:
  • Has Senator Graham repudiated or apologized for calling his constituents "racists"?  
  • Has he said he was mistaken in joining filibusters against GOP-backed tort reform legislation?  
  • Does he regret lending support to cap and trade legislation and the massive increase in taxes that would entail?
  • Has Graham ever voiced regret for supporting TARP and its resulting debt and expansion of the federal government?  
  • Is there any undeclared war or military intervention in the last twenty years that Graham has not enthusiastically supported?
  • And just this past weekend, Graham announced that he will not honor his pledge to Americans for Tax Reform to oppose any new tax increases.
Is the Chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party so comfortable with the status quo and so wedded to power that he supports an incumbent who is opposed by the Club for Growth, who is regarded as the worst US Senator, and the weakest link who not only supports Obama on critical issues, but has provided the key vote in implementing Obama's planned destruction of America?   Is this what the Republican Party of South Carolina has come to -- Amway's own Monty Hall, who is willing to make a deal with Stephen Colbert for sponsorship of the South Carolina Republican Primary - will support any incumbent as long as he calls himself a "Republican."

It is this lack of principle, this quest for power at all costs, that accounts for millions of conservative Republicans staying home or voting for third party candidates this past Election Day.  God help America if the only alternative to determined Marxists is "the stupid party."  No Chad!, South Carolinians are not as ignorant as you seem to think.  We are not about to forget a 10 year betrayal because of a pre-election swing to the right and some jingoistic saber-rattling.


Aged parent said...

I share your horror over this war-mongering nonentity and political hack Lindsey Graham (R, Tel Aviv).

But here in Wisconsin we've just elected a flaming lesbian to the Senate, who will serve with Lindsey Graham clone Ron Johnson.


Anonymous said...

graham is a tool. im ashamed to live in south carolina.

Anonymous said...

I find mainstream media to be completely dishonest and The Hill to be very left leaning. Since the mainstream media rarely reports the truth or properly quotes conservatives, why would we want to continue to prop them up as an accurate source? Not to say they didn't get it right as a broke clock can be right twice a day but did you bother to ask Chad about the interview before you wrote this?