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Friday, December 7, 2012

From Our Mail: It's Time to Revive the TEA Party!

 Dear Friends,
As you all know, the longer this current phony Democrat-engineered "fiscal cliff" crisis goes on, the more likely it is that the Republican leaders in Congress will cave in to the demands of the White House for more taxes and regulations,
I've been searching for days for someone on the internet with a concrete plan to let Washington know we want smaller government, lower taxes and the protection of our civil liberties, but, unfortunately, although there are some vague calls for action, noone is leading the charge to let our faltering political leaders know how strongly we want real reform in Washington. So it's up to us, the busy, hard-working middle class, to take matters into our hands once again and begin rallying the Republicans in the House.
Speaker Boehner and the House Republicans are our last best hope to stop the destructive socialist agenda of the President and the Democrat Party and put our country back on a responsible fiscal path.
If we want Washington to return to the values and policies that protect economic growth and promote prosperity, we must pick up our phones now and demand that the Speaker Boehner and the Republicans resist President Obama's demands for tax hikes.
We must also demand that Speaker Boehner re-hire the four conservative Congressmen who were recently and inexplicably removed from fiscal leadership positions.
Lastly, we must demand that Speaker Boehner be replaced by someone who clearly understands the steps that must be taken to resolve our financial crisis and who is willing to oppose all tax increases and who is not afraid to call for drastic spending cuts.
[Here] are Washington phone numbers for all the House Republicans you can use if you would like to join me in undertaking this necessary and urgent project. I know it is a long list and a daring endeavor for most of us, but if you print it out and make a few calls every day, it can be accomplished.
The Republicans need to hear from us NOW before they lose their resolve and let the White House roll them yet again.
Finally and most importantly, let's all unite in prayer to the good Lord and His Blessed Mother for the Republicans of the House that God may grant them wisdom and inspiration to decide what must be done and also the courage and strength to guide our nation towards greater fiscal solvency, economic justice and moral integrity.
God bless and Godspeed,
Julie Collorafi

1 comment:

Julie Collorafi said...

Thank you, Dan, for posting this!! I know it's a daunting project but I have my list of Republicans up on the refrigerator and I've assigned a column of names to each of my teenagers to call.

At least it's a place to start, and I feel better knowing that we're doing something to let our legislators know how we feel and that we're watching every move they make.

If enough of us conservative-minded folks call, at least we can tie up all the phone lines in Congress and create some real gridlock. Anything we can do to jam up the works and keep Obama and the Party of Death from getting anything done is well worth the effort.