Tulips at the Old Parsonage by passionate plantsman Charlie McCormick in the lovely Village of Little Bredy in Dorset.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Supporting Sunlit Uplands Doesn't Cost a Penny!

Dear Friends and Visitors,

During the Christmas season you will no doubt receive many requests for contributions to many worthy causes.  Here at Sunlit Uplands we have a request, but this one will not cost you a penny.  Many of you have discovered the substantial savings that can be found through the Amazon shopping network.  Do you know that if you access Amazon through the Amazon widget in our left sidebar, any purchase you make can substantially benefit this apostolate at no additional cost to you?

In addition to the extraordinary "Deal of the Day" and "Lightning Deals," shown on the widget, all the sellers, products and services offered through Amazon can be accessed via our "gateway" widget.  You simply click on the Amazon widget to the left, use Amazon the way you normally do, and Amazon will provide us a percentage of every purchase.  A great and painless way to help us and save money while doing your Christmas shopping or making other purchases through the year!

Thanks and very best wishes for a joyous and blessed Christmas!

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