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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Blockbuster ‘Obama’s Enemies List’ Shooting Towards Bestseller List

We are in a war for this country, America.

A war not of guns and tanks and bombs, but of ideas and ideology.

Who wins this war will determine whether America becomes a European-style socialist democracy—and thus bringing economic collapse, riots, and eventually totalitarianism—or a free market society, bringing freedom and economic success.

And the best way for you to arm yourself, America, is knowledge. And that knowledge comes in the form of Floyd Brown’s book, Obama's Enemies List: How Barack Obama Intimidated America and Stole the Election

Encyclopedic in nature and extensively researched, yet easy to read, the book provides Americans who love liberty a weapon—a sword of knowledge and truth—to fight against the most corrupt Administration in the history of this country.

Get the book today at by clicking here.


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