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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A New Sunlit Uplands Feature: Father Ted Tyler's Thoughts for Today

Father Ted Tyler
We are very pleased to offer our readers and visitors a wonderful new feature - a daily reflection on the day's Gospel reading.  These Gospel readings, which follow the Church's liturgical calendar and are the readings for daily and Sunday Holy Mass throughout the world, are followed by short but profound reflections that are written and presented by Father Ted Tyler, a priest in Australia's Upper Blue Mountains and part of the Diocese of Parramatta.  Father Ted's excellent talks are also available, along with printed text, on his superb blog, Catholic Thoughts

Father Ted's daily reflections will appear in our right sidebar.  To view the talk in full-screen, simply click the lower right corner of the video.  We know you will find Father Ted's website and daily videos spiritually enriching and a great blessing for you and your family. 

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