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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Grifters for "Ethics Reform" - Nikki Haley's Assault on Senator Bright

Governor Nikki Haley came to the Upstate this past week to bash Spartanburg's fiscal and social conservative State Senator, Lee Bright, for his refusal to sign-on to the fraudulently misnamed "Ethics Reform" legislation. 

Nikki Haley as an advocate for ethics reform is a bit like Barack Hussein Obama pushing the cause for small, frugal and accountable government or the League of Prostitutes for Purity.  Politics is the second oldest profession, but Haley's assault on Senator Bright is audacious, even for her.

Senator Bright made clear that he would not support so-called "ethics reform" legislation until he could get a vote on the nullification of Obamacare.  As a principled conservative he is also right to oppose this misnamed, retrograde legislation because it does anything but advance ethical, transparent and good government in our state.  In fact, it would shield legislators from criminal prosecution for ethical violations.  The Spartanburg TEA Party has summarized here what they have aptly called a "crap bill."

Perhaps Haley's assault on Senator Bright is just the Establishment's first strike on a solid conservative with a real chance of defeating Senator Lindsey Graham next year in a GOP primary.  If that was her intent, we expect Boss Connelly, choreographer of the recent state GOP infomercial, and Curtis Loftis, Mitt Romney's SC chairman,  will be following in her wake.

We can well understand Governor Haley's personal interest in shielding corrupt politicians from criminal prosecution, but the people of South Carolina should not be fooled by Nikki Haley, the most ethically challenged of all South Carolina politicians.

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