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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hint: How to Identify the 'Miracle Priest' from that Accident Scene in Missouri

By Phil Lawler

By now you’ve surely heard about the “mystery priest” who inexplicably appeared at the scene of an accident in Missouri, prayed with the victim and emergency workers, made things come out right, and then disappeared. (If somehow you’ve missed the story, here is just one among thousands of media accounts.) Who was that priest? No one recognized him; he wasn’t from the area. He showed up unannounced, although police had blocked off access to the road. In dozens of photos of the accident, his face is never seen. Emergency workers, and the young woman whose life was saved, want to meet this priest, just to thank him. But he hasn’t come forward.

There may be a very natural explanation for all this. But as the days pass and the mystery deepens, the people who say it was a miracle sound more and more convincing.

Who was that priest? I don’t know. But I do have a suggestion on how he might be identified:
  1. Start showing the witnesses photos of priests with a reputation for holiness.
  2. Include photos of priests who are no longer alive.
  3. Prepare for a shock.
Update: We now have a sketch-- and, sure enough, a possible match.

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