Tulips at the Old Parsonage by passionate plantsman Charlie McCormick in the lovely Village of Little Bredy in Dorset.

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Imagine Sisters and the Light of Love

Have you ever met a religious sister? They tend to be the happiest women on Earth. They pray, they sacrifice their lives in love and service to those in need, they live in community–and in many ways they’re just like you! Whether you’ve been taught by sisters or you’ve never experienced their joy in person, this is a video that will touch your heart and aid in your own response to the universal call to holiness.  Imagine Sisters is a network of sisters seeking to inspire and support vocations to Catholic women's religious life. 

How the face of the Earth would be renewed and made more Christ-like with many more sisters like these -- sisters on fire with love for Him and all creation.

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