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Friday, October 25, 2013

Sean Hannity Promises to Recoup Salary for Obamacare Operator Who Was Fired for Talking to Him

As we predicted just days ago, the Obamacare call center employee who told the truth in a conversation with Sean Hannity was promptly fired.  The regime will tolerate massive incompetence, corruption and the waste of billions of your tax dollars, but they cannot abide anyone telling the truth about their schemes to impose an alien and anti-American system on the American public.  As with the Obama-Reid government shut-down, punishments will be meted out.

So Earline Davis of Panama City, a struggling, single mother, was promptly fired for doing her job with kindness, patience and honesty.  Imagine the furor had this young, black woman been fired for honestly responding to questions about "No Child Left Behind" during the Bush Administration.  Of course, these so called "liberals" can't be racists or "anti-woman"; they serve "the masses." It's just people like Earline, you and me they won't tolerate.

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