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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

You Can Help "Gut ObamaCare"; Join The Nullify ObamaCare Rally in South Carolina on January 14

While we all know that the disaster that is ObamaCare is extremely unpopular throughout the country, South Carolina is leading the charge to actually nullify the legislation. House Bill 3101 already passed the state House back in April by a wide margin, and is set to be voted on in the state Senate in January.

On Tuesday, January 14th, lawmakers and freedom loving activists are holding a rally at the steps of the State House to show support for HB 3101. After the rally, acitivsts are encouraged to enter the Capitol and speak to their representatives about supporting HB 3101 and the nullification of ObamaCare.
Be sure to show up and let your voice be heard!  To RSVP go here.


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