Tulips at the Old Parsonage by passionate plantsman Charlie McCormick in the lovely Village of Little Bredy in Dorset.

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Opposition Mounts to Half Million Dollar Expansion of Bishop of Bling's Retirement Home

The corrupt, aloof and arrogant Bishop of Bling, Newark Archbishop John J. Myers, apparently didn't get the memo sent by numerous Popes, that his is a role of service to others, not to one's self, and that he is to build the Kingdom, not an empire.  

As we have noted many times, this corrupt thug deserves a prison cell, not a lordly manor.  If the Holy See wishes to restore the Church's moral authority and couple its words with action, they should remove this cancer on the Body of Christ.  If he can't find anything useful to do for anyone, he should return to his home diocese of Peoria and support himself -- in the splendid isolation he craves, and far from those he disdains.

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