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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lee Bright's Political Heroes? Vladimir Putin and Bashar Al-Assad of Syria

Lee Bright's Political Heroes - Bashar al-Assad and Vladimir Putin
We wrote previously that the failed upstate businessman, Lee Bright, whose personal finances are in crisis and has debt totaling between $1.1 million and $3.1 million owed to 29 creditors, appears willing to say or do anything to secure a job offering a six year contract, a salary of $174,000, an outside earned income allowance of more than $27,000, a large taxpayer-paid staff, paid travel, housing deductions, health, dental and life insurance, a private gym and the world's best pension fund.

The desperate Bright has now demonstrated our point and raised a red flag for all those who want Lindsey Graham replaced with a solid, thoughtful and respected conservative.  On April 6, (not so) Bright told the Washington Watch television audience that Republicans should look to Vladimir Putin and Bashar al-Assad, two thuggish war criminals, as models.  In Bright's own words:
If [Speaker] Boehner had the courage that Putin and Assad had, we'd be living in a different America, but we don't have the leadership and we've got to continue to try to get folks to Washington that are going to take the fight to the liberal agenda.
One thing I didn't mention earlier, you were talking about things going around the state, we've got the homosexual agenda on the full march in our institutions of higher ed and we've gone from education to indoctrination, so we are in a fight — they have seized the educational establishment and we've got to take that back and we've got to get folks involved in that or otherwise that's our next generation.
If the likes of Putin and Assad were running America, it would, indeed, be a different country, but it would not be anything like the America our Founders established.  And much as we agree with Bright's criticism of "the homosexual agenda on the full march in our institutions of higher ed," someone who has actually spent some time at an institution of higher education might have some awareness of authentic conservative models.  He might have cited the kind of models who actually believed in freedom, human dignity and God-given rights -- thoughtful men like Edmund Burke, Adam Smith, Thomas Jefferson and Russell Kirk, not murderous thugs.

Lee Bright's comments point up just how important an American political campaign can be in distinguishing the charlatans from potential statesmen.  After the traitorous career of Lindsey Graham, South Carolina does not need a Senator who would quickly become a national joke.  

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