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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Philip F. Lawler: Kudos to Archbishop Gregory; He 'Gets It'

Hats off to Archbishop Wilton Gregory for making a simple, sincere, manful apology when he realized that he had caused scandal by spending over $2 million on a new residence. 

The archbishop could have attacked his critics, saying that the complaints about his building plans were motivated by anti-Catholic bigotry. He could have tried to rationalize the plans, claiming that every expense was necessary for the work of the archdiocese. He could have argued that the expenses were covered by private donations and would not affect the archdiocesan budget. Or he could have stood on his authority, saying that he has the legal authority to spend funds as he sees fit. Sad to say, American bishops have used each one of these dodges to justify their spending in other cases. 

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