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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Stanford Viennese Ball 2015 - Opening Committee Waltz

The Stanford Viennese Ball Opening Committee waltzes to Rosen aus dem Süden, or “Roses From the South”, op. 338, by Johann Strauss, Jr. Choreography by JJ Liu and Lewis Hom. Video by Paul Csonka and Lucas Garron.

Viennese Ball is an exciting Stanford tradition with social dancing, live music, performances, and live contests. It was started in 1978 by students returning from the Stanford-in-Austria program, who were inspired by the vibrant balls which took place in Vienna. These Viennese balls usually began with a lavish opening ceremony featuring honored dignitaries, costumed dancers, and handsomely-clad young couples. Stanford’s first Viennese Ball, held in Toyon Hall, was attended by 350 students. Since then, the ball has blossomed into a prestigious formal affair held at magnificent off‑campus ballrooms.

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