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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Pope to Say D.C. Mass in Spanish in Bow to 'Hispanic Population'

The decision by Pope Francis to say his Washington, D.C. Mass in Spanish is the latest outrage in a Papacy marked by missteps, misstatements and confusion bordering on apostasy.  His expressed but denied wish to cross into the United States from Mexico the way millions of illegal aliens have done is rude and offensive and should be condemned by all Americans.

As a guest in the United States, Jorge Bergoglio should respect the fact that this is an English-speaking nation, as are a majority of American Catholics.  As the Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church and Vicar of Christ, he should butt out of political issues like U.S. immigration policy and the UN Millenium Development Goals.   These are policy matters that are appropriate to the purview of laymen, and on which laymen may legitimately disagree.  What other nation has open borders?  Has the Vatican opened its doors to Europe's massive influx of Middle Eastern and Muslim refugees?

True Popes focus on the freedom, dignity, and most importantly, the salvation of souls, not junk science and the Democrat Party's Marxist agenda.

One cannot imagine this Pope's great and holy predecessors, Saint Pope John Paul II  or the beloved Benedict XVI, disrespecting their host nations by saying Mass in the language of illegal, foreign invaders.  We have been reluctant to publicly criticize this disastrous and destructive pontificate, but this is a step too far.  His is a political and ideological agenda we will never condone or support.  We pray that God, in His mercy, will send the Church a conclave.  In the meantime, American Catholics should consider the Peter's Pence and other collections as being for Pesos only.

If you share our outrage and disgust at this latest affront, please consider sharing your views with the Pope's official representative to the United States, the Papal Nuncio at nuntiususa@nuntiususa.org.


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