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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Trump and the Tramp: Trump, FOX News, and Megyn Kelly Explained (Master Persuader Series)

Faux Journalist Megyn Kelly
Donald Trump says he won’t appear at the upcoming debate on FOX if Megyn Kelly is a moderator, and as of this writing, it appears she will be. Some of you asked me how this move by Trump could possibly be a smart thing.

On the 2D playing field, Trump appears petulant and whiney. Maybe narcissistic, fascist, and a little bit of Hitler too. And as FOX cleverly pointed out, negotiating with foreign leaders won’t be easier than Megyn Kelly’s questions.

So Trump loses badly in the second dimension.

Let’s shift to the third dimension and see if the view is different. For starters, tell me what you learned about all the other candidates today.


Trump sucked the oxygen out of the room. Again. And the issue – as always – is something we can jabber about forever. It is jabber-ready by design, so the media and the public will have no time and no brain cycles left to consider his competition.

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