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Monday, February 1, 2016

5 Questions All Conservatives Should Ask on College Tours

From Young America's Foundation

Heading out on any college tours this fall? Don't miss our must-read guide for conservative high school students touring college campuses. If you're going to spend four years and thousands of dollars at an academic institution, you'll want to make sure the college supports your right to be conservative. Make sure to ask your tour guides these five essential questions.

1. Does the school have a YAF chapter or other conservative club?

Young Americans for Freedom chapters and other conservative clubs bring balance to our country's overwhelmingly liberal universities. Often times, they hold their schools accountable for advancing liberal bias and trampling the rights of their conservative student populations. If your school of choice doesn't have a chapter, make sure to start one right away.


2. Are there free speech zones on campus? Or other restrictive codes on speech? 

Institutions of higher learning are notorious for using free speech zones and codes to restrict the right of conservative students to speak their minds. Make sure you attend a school that respects your right to voice your opinion, even if it makes campus liberals uncomfortable.


3. Does the school assign texts by Hayek, Friedman, and other free-market thinkers? 

Professors refusing to expose their students to the work of important and acclaimed conservative economists and thinkers is, perhaps, the most insidious form of institutionalized liberal bias. Ask tour guides, most of whom are students themselves, whether they've ever been assigned to read writers like Friedman and Hayek in their classes. Chances are they've read plenty of Marx but little Friedman.


4. How many conservative speakers have spoken on campus recently?

Many universities eagerly host liberal speakers like President Obama, Secretary Kerry, and Cornel West on their campuses but fail to ever make an effort to host speakers who represent the conservative viewpoint. Students need to hear both sides of the story and universities who let this happen better position their students to make decisions about our country's future.

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5. Can you identify any conservative professors?

If there are no known conservative professors at the school you're touring, think again about attending. Chances are it will be difficult for you to learn the proper information about our economy, military, social policy, and more.


Ask your campus tour guides these questions and report back to us with their answers! We'll help you in any way that we can. And don't forget to consider attending one of our Top Conservative Colleges!

Happy touring!

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