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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Alright, That’s About Enough (Francis invents eighth work of mercy)

More than three years into this bizarre pontificate, one thing has become clear to the informed objective observer: “Father Bergoglio,” as he is wont to call himself when undermining Catholic doctrine by telephone, is abusing the papal office like no other Pope before him in an attempt to pass off his own ideas as binding on the Church.

On and on he goes, telling us whatever he thinks as if he actually expects any believing Catholic to accept his notions as authentic Church teaching, including these:

· the admission to Holy Communion of people living in adultery in “certain cases”;

· the embrace of environmentalism, “global warming” hysteria and the United Nations “sustained development goals”;

· the absurd whitewash of Islam, the demand for unrestricted Muslim immigration and the outrageous claim of a moral equivalence between Islamic terrorists and Catholic “fundamentalists”;

· the approval of contraception to prevent transmission of the Zika virus;

· the condemnation of women who have multiple Caesarian sections as “irresponsible” mothers who tempt God and breed “like rabbits”;

· the claim that anyone who is baptized belongs to the same Church as Catholics;

· the reduction of the defined dogma of transubstantiation to an “interpretation” on the same level as the Lutheran heresy;

· the condemnation of the death penalty as per se immoral;

· the depiction of Mary as embittered over being “tricked” by God regarding her Son’s kingship;

· the depiction of Jesus as a prevaricator who only pretends to be angry with His disciples and a reckless youth who had to apologize to Mary and Joseph for his “little escapade” in the Synagogue while they were looking for him;

and so on and so forth—endlessly, day in and day out.

And now the latest ridiculous Novelty of the Week. Francis has decided there should be eight works of corporal mercy and eight works of spiritual mercy instead of the traditional seven. The new “eighth work of mercy,” both corporal and spiritual, would be “care for our common home,” meaning the environment. As Francis declared in his “Message for the Celebration of the World Day of Care for Creation,” quoting himself as the sole authority (as he so often does):
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