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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thanks Be to God for Blessed Solanus Casey

In the early 1980's, I first discovered leaflets in the back of a Church about the extraordinary life of Father Solanus Casey.  From that moment on, I felt powerfully drawn to a spiritual friendship with this simple, humble and very holy man.  It was as if I had always known him, and though most unworthy, I feel no less touched by him than the many thousands who have received dramatic physical and spiritual healings through his intercession.  He constantly prods and helps me in my brokenness, and I thank God for this special friend, spiritual guide, powerful intercessor and beautiful reflection of God's own love.  Most especially, I thank God ahead of time for the beatification of Father Solanus soon to take place and his ultimate canonization.  These recognitions will make this saint, whose whole life was one of service to others, known to the whole world.  "Blessed be God in all his designs."

Following is a brief introduction to the life of Blessed Solanus Casey and a longer video which explores his powerful spirituality and union with God.

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