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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Zmirak: Pope Francis Should Repent or Else Resign

Of all the regime change that is needed in the world, it is the anti-Church heretic who currently leads Christ's Church that we would most like to see deposed in the new year.  This muddle-minded, left-wing, Peronist political hack is subverting and attempting to change doctrine handed down from Christ and the Apostles.  We believe he is a willing tool of the devil who must be resisted by every faithful Catholic.

In his 2018 wish list, John Zmirak, Senior Editor of The Stream and author of the new Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism, says that he hopes "Pope" Francis “repents or else resigns” this year.  We pray that the Lord, in His mercy, will send His Church a conclave.

From The Stream:
Pope Francis has done more to divide Catholics than any pope in 150 years. He has clouded the Church’s teaching on marriage and sexuality. Francis has thrown out the clear, recent teaching of two of his immediate predecessors — which echoed Church practice and preaching for 2000 years. He has politicized the papacy, using its bully pulpit to further crudely crafted left-wing talking points on everything from the economy to immigration to climate science. He has marginalized and punished his critics, to the point that a new book calls him the “Dictator Pope.” Now he’s defending his handpicked lieutenant, Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga. That Honduran leftist (and anti-Semite) is accused of massive corruption that benefited him personally, to the tune of $40,000 per month. Other favorites of Pope Francis include the disgraced Belgian Cardinal Wilfrid Daneels — who was caught on tape trying to silence a sex abuse victim — and LGBT advocate Fr. James Martin, SJ.
In the best case scenario, Pope Francis will see the error of his ways, and spend the rest of his pontificate undoing the damage he’s wrought. Failing that, he should imitate the example of Pope Benedict XVI and admit that he can no longer lead the Church. He should resign, and open a political institute based in Buenos Aires. Something tells me George Soros would fund it.

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