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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Without Return to Christian Culture U.S. Will Face Future as Conglomeration of Enclaves

We have been talking about Bethlehem and the amazing fact that this town so crucial to Christianity is now walled off from Jerusalem and totally Arab in population (although thirty percent of the Arabs are Christian).

Across and throughout the Holy Land are such barriers and enclaves, the fences slashing across desert the Holy Family once traversed. Will there one day be encirclements -- not as extreme, but enclaves -- in the U.S.?

More to the point: will major future events involve Israel? And how -- surrounded by enemies, but also with many Muslim enclaves within its own borders (entire towns), or in the occupied zones -- can the nation possibly survive?

(The number of Christian Arabs diminished greatly after Israel built settlements here.)

One day, there may be division in North America -- the U.S. and Canada -- as there is now in Israel.