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Friday, May 24, 2013

Noonan: A Battering Ram Becomes a Stonewall

The IRS's leaders refuse to account for the agency's corruption and abuse.

"I don't know." "I don't remember." "I'm not familiar with that detail." "It's not my precise area." "I'm not familiar with that letter." 

Lois Lerner and her lawyer
These are quotes from the Internal Revenue Service officials who testified this week before the House and Senate. That is the authentic sound of stonewalling, and from the kind of people who run Washington in the modern age—smooth, highly credentialed and unaccountable. They're surrounded by legal and employment protections, they know how to parse a careful response, they know how to blur the essential point of a question in a blizzard of unconnected factoids. They came across as people arrogant enough to target Americans for abuse and harassment and think they'd get away with it.

So what did we learn the past week, and what are the essentials to keep in mind?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Spectator President

By Patrick J. Buchanan

No, this is not Watergate or Iran-Contra. Nor is it like the sex scandal that got Bill Clinton impeached.

The AP, IRS and Benghazi matters represent a scandal not of presidential wrongdoing, but of presidential indolence, indifference and incompetence in discharging the duties of chief executive.

The Barack Obama revealed to us in recent days is something rare in our history: a spectator president, clueless about what is going on in his own household, who reacts to revelations like some stunned bystander.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

West Wing Weak: Your Guide to Obama's Scandal-Filled Week

The Obama White House has released the latest installment of its ongoing and self-congratulatory video series, West Wing Week. But despite touting itself as "your guide to all things 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.," the new episode seems to be missing some of the key stories that have hit the headlines over the past few days.

There's no mention, for instance, of Benghazi or the AP phone tapping - and the IRS scandal is barely mentioned in passing.

Perhaps the White House is just too busy completely redacting documents requested under the Freedom of Information Act to fully document its recent highlights.

In a surge of civic pride, Reason TV offers "West Wing Weak," their look back at the administration's past seven days.

"West Wing Weak" is written and produced by Meredith Bragg and Nick Gillespie, who also narrates.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Maxine Waters: ‘Obama Has Put In Place’ Secret Database With ‘Everything On Everyone’

"The President has put in place an organization with the kind of database that no one has ever seen before in life," Representative Maxine Waters told Roland Martin on Monday.   "That's going to be very, very powerful," Waters said. "That database will have information about everything on every individual on ways that it's never been done before and whoever runs for President on the Democratic ticket has to deal with that. They're going to go down with that database and the concerns of those people because they can't get around it. And he's [President Obama] been very smart.  It's very powerful what he's leaving in place."

In related stories (Don't Say We Didn't Warn You):



Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Light Breaks Through: One Day's Revelations About America's Enemy Occupiers


We have been ridiculed for our characterization of Obama and his regime as "illegitimate," "thugs," and "criminals," but a glance of one day's headlines makes clear what we have always believed; we were restrained in our characterizations of this traitorous, outlaw regime. 

May 13, a date pregnant with meaning for many of us, saw the light of truth pierce the darkness in extraordinary ways.  There were revelations about the IRS being used as a political weapon with that federal agency spying on TEA Party members and a vast array of conservative organizations.  It has since been revealed that the IRS office targeting and harassing conservative organizations, also gave a left-wing organization of journalists nine confidential applications for tax-exempt status that had been submitted by conservative groups.

Yesterday also saw revelations that the Obama Justice Department secretly obtained two months of phone records for Associated Press journalists and singled out those who asked tough questions for special harassment by the IRS.  Any one of these revelations would be enough to bring down governments in many parliamentary democracies, as they would have here in the days when the United States Constitution was the revered law of the land.  

Yesterday also saw the murder conviction of Kermit Gosnell, one of thousands of mass-murderers throughout America.  Indeed, revelations about what transpired in Gosnell's "clinic" were so shocking and abhorrent to most Americans,  Obama went before Planned Parenhood during Gosnell's trial to boost morale and invoked God's blessings on Gosnell's fellow killers.  But these are only one day's revelations about the sewer that is the Obama regime.  

In recent weeks, we have seen unravel 8 months of lies about the murder of 4 Americans in Benghazi, and while the former Secretary of State asks "what does it matter," there is still so much that does matter yet to be exposed.  

Eric Holder instigated gun-running to Mexican drug cartels,  and there have also been a host of fraudulent birth certificates and a fake social security number to hide the fact that Obama came to the United States as a foreign exchange student and is, therefore, ineligible for the presidency of the United States.  

Americans have also seen nationally orchestrated efforts to undermine democratic processes through voter fraud carried out by an array of Obama-allied, Alinsky front groups.

Contempt for Congress and the separation of powers has been a hallmark of Obama's governing style.  He has literally and unconstitutionally bypassed the legislative process through the promulgation of hundreds of Executive Orders.

Americans have seen their tax dollars given in the billions to Islamist jihadists who are at war with the United States, bomb and burn Christian churches, murder Christian clergy, and would not hesitate to decapitate any of us who have been forced to fund their barbarism.  But why should the stewards of the American tax dollars care?  Being a tax-cheat seems to be a prerequisite for service in the Obama regime.

Obama's arrogance is so over-the-top, that on a day when most politicians would be in crisis mode, Obama took a break from the links to attend yet another fundraiser with entertainment glitterati in New York. 

These outrages just scratch the surface.  America is an occupied country, led by a committed band of Marxist revolutionaries who hate everything about America's spiritual and philosophical foundations and all that this country once stood for in the world. 

Unless the United States Congress has  been so infiltrated by dark and perverted souls who share Obama's vision, they will quickly begin impeachment proceedings and begin the process of returning America to her Constitutional foundations.  The articles of impeachment should number in the hundreds.  That this criminal thug ever sought "to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” would be laughable were not the consequences so tragic for America and the whole world.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Huckabee: Benghazi Scandal Will Cost Obama His Presidency

Yes, Hillary, it makes a big difference, and if the Benghazi scandal and coverup can rid this country of the illegitimate devil occupying the presidency, along with his comrades, then at least those murdered will not have died in vain. 

Governor Mike Huckabee
Influential Republicans are setting their sights on toppling the Obama administration as evidence of a cover-up over the assault on the Benghazi consulate gets stronger.
Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is now openly talking about impeachment, saying he does not believe Barack Obama will survive the remaining 3½ years of his presidency.
“When a president lies to the American people and is part of a cover-up, he cannot continue to govern,” Huckabee said on his radio show Monday.
“As the facts come out, I think we're going to see something startling. And before it's over, I don't think this president will finish his term unless somehow they can delay it in Congress past the next 3½ years.”
Huckabee isn't alone in his belief that Obama could be toppled. The pressure is growing just as Congressional hearings on the Sept. 11, 2012 attacks that left four Americans dead are due to start on Wednesday.

Read more at Newsmax >>

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Obama Covering Up Saudi Link to Boston Bombing?

“Person of interest” to be deported after Obama had unscheduled meeting with Saudi Foreign Minister

The Saudi “person of interest” suspected of being involved in the Boston Marathon bombings is being deported from the United States next week on “national security grounds,” according to a terrorism expert, who notes that the move is “very unusual,” especially given an unscheduled meeting yesterday between President Obama and Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal.

The attempt to cover up a possible Saudi connection to the Boston attack could explain why authorities are scrambling to get their official narrative straight after photos emerged yesterday on the Internet showing numerous suspects carrying large backpacks, some of them middle eastern in appearance and two of the individuals having been almost certainly identified as employees of private military/security firm Craft International.

The FBI had set a press conference for 5pm EST yesterday afternoon but the event was cancelled hours after the photos were seen by millions of people online. The federal agency blamed the media for erroneous reporting, stating, “these stories often have unintended consequences.”

Read more at >>

Monday, March 4, 2013

Change You'd Better Believe In: Obama Regime Purchases 2,700 Light-Armored Tanks to Go With Their 1.6 Billion Bullet Stockpile

Will the American people and their Congress ask what is going on, or find out only when the infrastructure of tyranny is completed?

From Gateway Pundit

This is getting a little creepy.

According to one estimate, since last year the Department of Homeland Security has stockpiled more than 1.6 billion bullets, mainly .40 caliber and 9mm.

DHS also purchased 2,700 Mine Resistant Armor Protected Vehicles (MRAP).

The Department of Homeland Security (through the U.S. Army Forces Command) recently retrofitted 2,717 of these ‘Mine Resistant Protected’ vehicles for service on the streets of the United States.
Although I’ve seen and read several online blurbs about this vehicle of late, I decided to dig slightly deeper and discover more about the vehicle itself.
The new DHS sanctioned ‘Street Sweeper’ (my own slang due to the gun ports) is built by Navistar Defense (, a division within the Navistar organization. Under the Navistar umbrella are several other companies including International Trucks, IC Bus (they make school buses), Monaco RV (recreational vehicles), WorkHorse (they make chassis), MaxxForce (diesel engines), and Navistar Financial (the money arm of the company).
DHS even released a video on their newly purchased MRAPs.
The MRAP featured in this video is was in Albuquerque, New Mexico for Law Enforcement Day which was held at a local area Target Store. This MRAP is stationed in El Paso, Texas at The Homeland Security Investigations Office. MRAP is a Mine Resistant Armor Protected Vehicle.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Obama's Soviet Style Plan to Destroy America Revealed

The Obama administration is quietly allowing China to acquire major ownership interests in oil and natural gas resources across the U.S.  The decision to allow China to compete for U.S. oil and natural gas resources appears to stem from a need to keep Beijing economically interested in lending to the U.S. The Obama administration has run $1-trillion-plus annual federal budget deficits since taking office that likely will continue in the second term.

Allowing China to have equity interests in U.S. energy production is a reversal of the Bush administration's policy. In 2005, the Bush administration blocked China on grounds of national security from an $18.4 billion deal to purchase California-based Unocal Corp.

As WND has reported, Beijing has been developing a proposal in which real estate on American soil owned by China would be set up as "development zones" to establish Chinese-owned businesses and bring in its citizens to the U.S. to work.

Friday, January 25, 2013

DHS Preparing For Civil War In The US?

Recent massive ammo purchases by US domestic agencies, Obama's Executive Order to prepare for martial law and Obama's move to disarm  innocent but increasingly wary citizens, suggest that the Obamunists have plans to change America far more radically than they could the old fashioned way - through the Constitution and the United States Congress.

The US Department of Homeland Security and the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Office have placed a massive order for ammunition. The two departments are asking for 450 million rounds of bullets to be delivered in a time-frame of five years. The contractor, Alliant Techsystems, was awarded the contract and will produce .40 caliber high-performance bullets to the agencies. The order has many wondering why would DHS and ICE need so many bullets. David Seaman, journalist and host of the DL Show, helps us answer why the order was placed.

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Persecution Of Christians In Morsi’s Egypt Is Now Serious. So, Will Obama Use His Billion Dollar Subsidy In Their Defense? Don’t Hold Your Breath

Obama’s personal history may explain why

From The Catholic Herald (UK)
By William Oddie

A man weeps over the coffin of a Copt killed in clashes in Cairo last year (AP)
A man weeps over the coffin of a Copt killed in clashes in Cairo last year (AP)

I open by drawing your attention to the shocking story (one among an increasing number of examples of the growing oppression of Coptic Christians under Egypt’s brand-new Islamist dictatorship) of Nadia Mohamed Ali, who was brought up as a Christian, and converted to Islam when she married a Muslim, 23 years ago. He later died, and his widow decided to return to her Christian faith, together with her children. She registered as such under the Mubarak regime, and applied for and received new identity cards containing this information, between 2004 and 2006. When her re-conversion to her old faith emerged under the Morsi regime, Nadia was sentenced to fifteen years in prison: so too were her seven children; even the clerks who processed the identity cards were imprisoned.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Did Obama Steal The Election With Hagel’s Help?

From The Western Center for Journalism

Chuck Hagel has been tapped by Obama for Secretary of Defense, which has resulted in a slew of push backs over his troubling record: criticism and lack of support for Israel; coddling of Hezbollah, Hamas, and Iran; and his almost immediate appointment after retiring as a senator to Deutsche Bank’s Americas Advisory Board, the mega bank that has been accused of funneling billions of dollars to Iran’s nuclear program.

But the most troubling aspect of Chuck Hagel is the fact that he may have stolen both of his senatorial elections.

In 1992, Hagel was CEO of Election Systems & Software, maker of computerized voting machines.

On March 15, 1995, Hagel resigned as CEO but kept millions in stock options and declared that he was going to run for the U.S. Senate in Nebraska. Although he was a virtually unknown candidate; although he ran against a former governor, Ben Nelson, who was hugely popular; and although all the polls prior to the election indicated Ben Nelson would win the election, oddly Hagel won by a landslide with 83% of the vote.

It later turned out that Hagel’s voting machines had been used in virtually all of the precincts.

When Hagel ran for reelection in 2006, his previous landslide of 83% was eclipsed by an even wider margin.

It turns out that Hagel’s former company, Election Systems & Software/Diebold now counts the votes in most elections.

And it turns out Hagel’s voting machines have been embroiled in investigations of hacking and vote-switching that continue to this day.

Did Barack Obama win the presidential elections the same way Hagel won his senatorial seat? And is this Secretary of Defense position payback for the favor?

Americans should demand to see each and every vote cast for both Chuck Hagel and Barack Obama.



Saturday, January 12, 2013

Obama Lied, Americans Died

Part 2 of Western Journalism’s video series on the Obama Administration’s and Senate’s Report on the attack on the Benghazi consulate. Click here for Part 1.

The Obama Administration’s “Benghazi Accountability Report” was a sham that didn’t actually answer any questions; didn’t address why four Americans were left to die; didn’t address the entire “protest turned violent” over an anti-Muslim video lie, or where exactly Obama supposedly got this information; and, despite the term “accountability” in the report, didn’t actually hold anyone accountable.

The Senate’s Report, “Flashing Red: A Special Report on the Terrorist Attack at Benghazi,” shows that there was no evidence of a “protest turned violent” over an anti-Muslim video; shows that Obama left Americans to die while he twiddled his thumbs; and actually answers many questions regarding exactly what occurred on September 11.

But it doesn’t go far enough.

Congressman Frank R. Wolf, along with over twenty-five co-sponsors in the House of Representatives, have introduced House Resolution 824 to create a Special Committee to conduct a real investigation into the attack on the Benghazi consulate in order to find out what really happened in Benghazi and what  Barack Hussein Obama is hiding.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrates The White House

From The Western Center for Journalism

RINO-in-Chief John McCain raked Rep. Michelle Bachman and other conservatives over the coals for merely requesting that the apparent Muslim Brotherhood influence on the Obama Administration be investigated.

It was a matter of public record that Huma Abedin, Deputy Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton—and thus having access to top secret information—has deep ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

It was a matter of public record that the Council on Islamic American relations (CAIR) and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), both determined to be Muslim Brotherhood front groups and unindicted co-conspirators in the terrorist-funding trial United States v. Holy Land Foundation—had visited the White House, State Department, FBI, etc. hundreds of times.

It was a matter of public record that Muslim “outreach” groups like CAIR and ISNA went in and purged hundreds of pages of “offensive” words and phrases like “jihad” and “Islamist” from FBI training materials.

But conservatives were labeled as McCarthyites conducting a witch hunt and the call for an investigation was quickly shut down.

But now mainstream Egyptian newspaper, Rose-El-Youssef, published an article entitled “A Man and Six of the Brotherhood in the White House!” on December 22 admitting and bragging about Muslim Brotherhood infiltration!

What is more shocking than the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the White House is that Obama has embraced this infiltration and is therefore a traitor to this country.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rep. Trey Gowdy at Libya Hearing: 'I Want to Know Why We Were Lied To'

Once again, we could not be prouder of our own Congressman, Trey Gowdy, for standing up to the lying thugs of the Obama regime  Here he challenges both U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice and White House Press Secretary Jay Carney for providing "demonstrably false" statements  to the Congress and the American people abouut the murders in Libya.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Will Heads Roll for the Stuxnet Leak?

By Patrick J. Buchanan

Within days of SEAL Team Six’s killing of Osama on that midnight mission in Pakistan, Defense Secretary Bob Gates, reading all about the raid in the press, went to the White House to tell President Obama’s national security adviser pungently to “shut the (bleep) up.”

Leaked secrets of that raid may have led to the imprisonment for 33 years of a Pakistani doctor who helped us locate bin Laden. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Obama At Large: Where Are The Lawyers?

"The bombings by Mr. Obama, as secret prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner, trample proper constitutional authority, separation of powers, and checks and balances and constitute repeated impeachable offenses."

By Ralph Nader

The rule of law is rapidly breaking down at the top levels of our government. As officers of the court, we have sworn to “support the Constitution,” which clearly implies an affirmative commitment on our part.

Take the administrations of George W. Bush and Barack Obama. The conservative American Bar Association sent three white papers to President Bush describing his continual unconstitutional policies. Then and now civil liberties groups and a few law professors, such as the stalwart David Cole of Georgetown University and Jonathan Turley of George Washington University, have distinguished themselves in calling out both presidents for such violations and the necessity for enforcing the rule of law.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Feds to Florida: Halt Non-Citizen Voter Purge

The Justice Department has ordered Florida's election division to cease purging non-citizen voters and illegal aliens from its voter rolls.  Could there be any clearer indication of the Democrat Party's reliance on voter fraud and the intent of Eric Holder, the nation's chief law enforcement officer, to sanction it in the 2012 elections.  

One of the most important things patriotic citizens can do in the crucial election year is to become a knowledgeable poll worker or watcher who is prepared to challenge ineligible voters and  unlawful polling place activity.

The Miami Herald has the details on this shocking story.