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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Daniel Hannan: The Free World Has Lost Its Leader

The free world has lost its leader. In the absence of a vigorous American foreign policy, Canada's Stephen Harper supplied his own. For the better part of a decade, he energetically championed Western interests. He was serious about fighting terrorism, keen on free trade and prepared to deploy proportionate force in defense of freedom.

His defeat in last week's Canadian general election will be felt far beyond that sparse, chilly country. When other Western leaders fretted about Israel's 2006 Lebanon war, he gave his full backing to the Jewish state. When others dithered over Putin's invasion of Ukraine, he led international condemnation. Obliged to meet Vladimir Putin at a summit meeting, he was admirably curt: "I guess I'll shake your hand, but I have only one thing to say to you: Get out of Ukraine."

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Media Targeting Pro-Family Pastor on Canadian Prime Minister's Trip to Israel

TEL AVIV, January 24, 2014 ( - Canada's mainstream media have raised a hue and cry after Prime Minister Stephen Harper invited a well-known Christian pastor, who has boldly proclaimed Biblical imperatives against homosexuality, to be part of the large delegation accompanying him on his trip to Israel. 

Pastor Shawn Ketcheson of Trinity Bible Church of Ottawa was asked to be part of the 208-person Canadian delegation, made up of representatives from business organizations, religious groups, and civil society organizations, as well as the 31-person official delegation composed of the PM and his wife, and politicians, senators, advisers, and staff.

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Prime Minister Stephen Harper to Name Canada’s First Religious Freedom Ambassador

We hope Canada's good Prime Minister and Her Canadian Majesty's new ambassador will begin their defense of religious freedom by applying pressure on the intolerant, Marxist regime south of their border.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper will unveil the government’s long-awaited Office of Religious Freedom on Tuesday.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper will unveil the government’s long-awaited Office of Religious Freedom and name Canada’s first religious freedom ambassador at a Toronto-area Ahmadiyya Muslim community centre on Tuesday. 

The announcement at Tahir Hall in the Toronto suburb of Vaughan will fulfil a two-year-old promise that has seen its fair share of controversy since it was first proposed during the 2011 federal election. 

 The government has pointed to a growing body of literature linking religious freedom with democratic rights and societal well-being to justify making the safeguarding of religious minorities abroad a key tenet of Canadian foreign policy.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

British Prime Minister David Cameron Addresses Canadian Parliament, Reflects on World Economic Crisis

Prime Minister David Cameron addressed the Canadian Parliament on September 22.  He delivered one of the most thoughtful and eloquent reflections on the world economic crisis that we have heard.  This is what a world leader should sound like, and it will be reassuring when -- as in the days of Reagan, Thatcher and Mulroney -- conservative leaders of the United States, Great Britain and Canada are once again working together to solve the world's problems and securing peace and freedom.  Hat tip to Piddingworth.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

O Canada!

It took Canada a mere 37 days to do the right thing. How is it possible that after two, long years, so many Americans fail to grasp that Barack Hussein Obama is a radical Marxist thug, having spent his whole life being mentored by and consorting with Communists and domestic terrorists, and who is committed to overturn, through any means possible, the basic institutions of the United States?