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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Widow Blames San Francisco Sanctuary Policy for Murder of Husband, Two Sons

-- Dr. Juan Hernandez, McCain Hispanic Outreach Director

Danielle Bologna is calling for changes in San Francisco’s sanctuary policy after charges were filed against an illegal alien gang member for the murder of her husband and two sons. In an appearance on FOX News last night, she said "It should have been resolved at the beginning, when this guy had done more than one crime in the city…I want justice. I want the people to see: If my family wasn’t safe, what makes you think yours will be?"

Edwin Ramos, a member of the MS-13 street gang and El Salvador native, has been charged with three counts of murder for the heinous killing of Bologna family members, who were returning home after a family picnic on June 22 when they were murdered. Ramos, now 21, was eligible for deportation after several felony convictions as a minor. But federal officials were never notified because of San Francisco’s sanctuary policy.

Ramos was convicted of assaulting a man on a bus in 2003, and placed in a city shelter. A few days after his release in 2004, he assaulted a pregnant woman. He was again sent to a city facility after conviction. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that in both instances, San Francisco did not consider Ramos’ immigration status when sentencing him so federal officials were never notified of his eligibility for deportation.

San Francisco police stopped Ramos last March after seeing his car lacked a front license plate. A passenger in the car ran away, and tried to dispose of a gun, which was later linked to a double murder. Ramos was arrested, but not prosecuted by the local District Attorney. In this instance, police checked Ramos' immigration status and notified Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) that he was deportable. Because ICE did not put a hold on him, Ramos was released.

Earlier this month, San Francisco changed its sanctuary policy somewhat after news reports exposed the fact that the city was underwriting the costs of sending illegal alien drug dealers back to their home countries. The city now faces renewed pressure for more changes in its dangerous sanctuary policy in the wake of the Bologna murders, allegedly at the hands of a multiple-felon illegal alien who benefited from that policy.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Blogs4Borders Video Blogburst

The following is the latest Blogs for Borders Video Blogburst. In this week's episode they ask:

A “virtual fence?” When the president utilizes one around the White House we’ll believe him.

The Deportation Joke! Previously deported criminal aliens just keep coming, American citizens just keep dying!

And 100% Preventable!

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