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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Susan Boyle Sings for Pope Benedict at Bellahouston Park, Glasgow

Susan Boyle helped welcome Pope Benedict XVI to Scotland by performing with an 800-member choir at Thursday's open-air mass in Glasgow’s Bellahouston Park.

Click here for live webcast of the Papal visit.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Susan Boyle to Sing at Papal Mass

Susan Boyle, who achieved worldwide fame in 2009 on a British reality television show, will likely sing at a papal Mass during Pope Benedict’s September visit to the United Kingdom, according to a spokesman for the Church in Scotland. “Negotiations are still under way, but we expect Susan Boyle to perform as part of the papal Mass at Bellahouston Park” in Glasgow, the spokesman said.

Ms. Boyle, a Catholic, said last month that she has a deep devotion to St. Pio of Pietrelcina (Padre Pio).

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Susan Boyle Has Got Talent!

The star born of YouTube and worldwide acclamation got off to a shaky start on the first couple of notes in her semi-final performance this past weekend on Britain's Got Talent; but Susan Boyle finished strong and brought the audience and judges to their feet once again. She continues on to the final, and regardless of the outcome, probably one of the best selling albums of 2009.

And here is a recently discovered video of Susan in 1984:

Monday, April 20, 2009

Too Old? Too Plain? No Way!

From OpsLadder

Let me set the scene.

You're a dowdy 47-year-old from Northern England. "Never been married, never been kissed." No love in your life. No job. No luck.

But you have a gift within you. And you know it.

And you've somehow managed to make your way onto a TV Show called "Britain's Got Talent" and you are now standing on a national stage.

The crowd is hooting with derision. That smarmy judge on the left is snickering at you. Simon Cowell is rolling his eyes. Everybody is pretty much certain that "little old you" is going to crash and burn in a way that will be hilarious to all.

You've "never been given a chance before." And it's pretty easy for everybody to understand why. You're an odd-looking lady from the North. They are serving you up to the laughing wolves for the sake of the television audience. This is going to be funny.

What do you do?

What do you do?

Well, if you're my new personal hero Susan Boyle, you wrap your two hands around the microphone and slowly focus and...

Susan Boyle
Click on image to see video

Then you sing your song to the rafters. Your lift your voice to the heavens. You give a life-defining performance, and you sing an audience of millions into tears.

You hit your high note and bring a lump to the throat of the judges.

You bring the audience to their feet and watch as they realize they can't possibly reach their hands high enough in the sky to applaud you.

You inspire a planet.

You knew you had the gift within you. You just needed to be given a chance, that's all you ever wanted.

And when you got your chance, you shined brighter than any starlet or supermodel ever could.

Readers, I know I've learned a very important lesson from Susan Boyle this morning...

Dream Your Dream.